Bridge hole perforated metal

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Bridge hole perforated metal is a special perforation manufactured,which is provided with exacting precision. The combination of heavy sheet thickness and very fine openings can provide great resistance for filtering and ventilation. This kind of perforated metal is often used in many ways,for instance,water drainage shafts and in chemical processing.
The open area of bridge hole perforated metal is diversity and depends on the depth of embossing.
Material: low carbon steel plate,stainless steel plate,brass plate,aluminum plate, nicked plate and so on.
Smooth surface
Beautiful appearance
The lightweight materials
Bridge hole perforated metal is developed by professional researchers, design and  have quality assurance,and long life,
with at least 20 years.We welcome you to ask about bridge hole perforated metal,we will talk you everthing that we understand without reserve.


 bridge hole perforated metalbridge hole perforated metal