Climbing frame mesh

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      Climbing frame mesh is also named lifting frame,according to its power source can be divided into hydraulic type, electric type, human hand pull type, etc.It is the development of a new type of scaffolding system in recent years, mainly used in high-rise shear wall.

      Climbing frame mesh mainly installed in an integrated climbing frame in the frame for more than 45 meters of the main building,and it can be used in various structures of the main building, which overall all-steel, with integrated equipment, with a low ride height , fully enclosed protection, professional safety equipment, no fire hazards and other characteristics. The frame unit factory is made of prefabricated production, all of which adopt the steel plate punching net, the punching net surface is in the electrostatic spraying, and the product can be used for a long time. Product standardization, implementation tools of demolition; steel fasteners are no longer needed, material savings in rental fees at the same time, the equipment, materials, site management easier.The bottom surface of the construction site assembly, demolition convenient, easy to operate quickly, avoid high-altitude erection frame body, reducing the security risks at the time of erection of the frame body.
The electric hoist is hanging free mobile system , greatly reducing the labor intensity, and when the lift control system, lift all can see on a computer monitor, reduce equipment failure rates, which greatly improves the adhesion lifting scaffolding the lifting process safety.
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 climbing frame meshclimbing frame mesh