Laser perforated metal mesh

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        Laser perforated metal mesh is contained by perforated metal mesh.It give you the widest selection of its patter with round hole、square hole、rhombic hole,ect
Materials:carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum-magnesium alloy plate.
Features:Laser perforated metal mesh can be flexible,not be easy to fading and get rusty,so many  applications.its surface  is smooth and  very durable.
Applications:  Laser perforated metal mesh is  widely used in air insulation panels, ceiling decoration, mechanical equipment shields, dust and mill sieve, sieve mine, kitchen appliances, grain storage ventilation network, soccer seepage filter, a variety of decorative stands, environmental protection, trash, environmental tables chairs.
       Our product that Laser perforated metal mesh is prevalent with in many countries and we have high quality guarantee.If you are interest,I am looking forward to contacting me.


 Laser perforated metal mesh sunwiermeshLaser perforated metal mesh sunwiremesh