Mine sieving mesh

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                                             Mine sieving mesh 
    Mine sieving mesh is one of the perforated mesh products, the development of new products in screen industry.It is made of wire, stainless steel wire, metal wire braid made of a method for filtering, selected sub-mesh. The mine sieving mesh are the material of both polyurethane screen and metal material.The following mainly describes a metal material.

Materials:low carbon steel, high manganese steel, stainless steel wire Mine sieving mesh is divided into stainless steel welded mine screen, slit sieve, sieve sieve basket, welding vibration screen, mesh cylinder, curved screen and so on.

1、Easy to leak, wear-resistant and corrosion resistance.
2、Mesh section is trapezoid.
3、The above gap is narrow, the following is wide.
4、Cold-rolled stainless steel wire from the screen bars, the support bar the use of automated production equipment welded mine screen, slit sieve evenly, welding quality and stability, opening rate, long life, high strength, stiffness and carrying capacity, it can be made into various shapes of steel screening filter.
Mine screen mainly used for coal, oil industry as mud mesh, chemical fiber industry for pickling network electroplating, metallurgy, coal, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive, ceramics, glass and other industries for solid particles, powder, sieve points and liquid gas filtration purification using.
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 mine sieving mesh