Perforated Metal Tubes

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    Perforated Metal Tubes are popularly used in  filter products as support tubing, meanwhile it is used directly as filter tubes and cylinders for certain industries.
Perforated metal tube can be used for decorating, cage ventilation, antiskid. And it can be as the guard of central heating, air conditioning equipment, different sorts of chassis and machines. Another important use is filtration. For instance, filter, filter pipe, water .
It can be readily formed, painted or polished; easy installation; attractive appearance; wide range of thicknesses available; largest selection of hole size patterns & configurations; uniform sound abatement; light.
     Perforated metal tubes are available in diameter up to 6 in. & lengths up to 30 in. in different metals including carbon steel, stainless steel & aluminum in different thicknesses.
Hole pattern: Micron round, diamond and others.
Open area: It will determine the strength of the support tube and the filter flow.
Hole size and thickness: Various to meet different requirements for tubing strength and filtration.



 perforated metal tube