Perforated Stainless steel

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       Perforated stainless steel is either T304 stainless steel sheet or T316 stainless steel sheet that has been punched with a series of holes to give you a nominated pattern. The pattern can vary depending on the hole size, distance between holes and the thickness of the material.
       Perforated Stainless steel  is also named round mesh,which belong to a kind of perforated metal mesh .
       These are just a few of the countless applications for perforated stainless steel. We can perforate stainless steel in thousands of different patterns, in material ranging from 24 gauge to1/2"thickness and widths up to 72".There are various  shape ,it contain round hole、square hole、rhombus  hole,ect.Why do you choose the stainless steel perforated metal mesh ? Our product hold kinds of advantages,including the light of weight、good stability、to prevent slipping、beautiful、good filtration performance.

       Application:It can be used in various equipment that contain instrument enclosures、food machinery、sound-absorbing filter and any more.
Our products   that   perforated stainless steel contain a lot of advantages .Our company is the best choice.


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