Plastic mesh

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       Plastic perforated metal mesh is made of plastic sheet.Actually, plastic board is a broad term, subdivision, according to different raw materials can be roughly divided into: PVC plastic plate punching net, PP plastic plate punching net, PE plastic plate punching net and ABS plastic plate punching net, and so on. PP plate perforated metal mesh is one of the most commonly used plastic plate punching net. Commonly used colors are white; gray; black,and other colors can be customized.The thickness can be 2-10MM, and the diameter of the round hole is larger than the plate thickness. Commonly used hole type have square hole, square hole, combined hole, shaped hole, etc. Commonly used plate size: 1.3X2 meters, other sizes can be customized.

1、Characteristics of plastic perforated metal mesh:
Light weight, anti-slip, beautiful, small density, easy welding and processing, superior resistance and chemical resistance, heat resistance and impact resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, no environment pollution, small resistance, no fouling, chemical corrosion resistance, long service life, installation convenient maintenance, low construction cost.

2、Applications of plastic perforated metal mesh:
Plastic punching net is mainly used for the protection of civil construction, mechanical equipment, arts and crafts manufacturing, high-grade speaker net enclosures, food ventilation cooling. Can also be used in the construction industry, roads, bridges for steel.

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