Spray plastic mesh

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    Spray plastic mesh is performed plastic powder spraying in the surface of perforated metal mesh, and it is a kind of new environmental protection surface treatment method.Spray plastic mesh after the  production is finished, getting rid of the work surface greasy dirt, dust, rust, and the work surface to form a layer of corrosion resistance so as to increase the coating coating adhesion of the phosphating layer ". Then powder coating evenly spray to the work surface, spraying the work pushed curing furnace, heated to a predetermined temperature, insulation time, blow out cooling punching network products.
     Seeing the beautiful white punching net fence is very good,when you walk county street in the town .It can beautify the urban environment, effective protection of the traffic order, which people don't disorderly walk through the driveway anymore, orderly traffic, the city's appearance improved.

 Spray plastic meshSpray plastic mesh  

     Spray plastic mesh have a variety of colors, usually white, green, blue, gray, yellow, and so on. Spray plastic mesh is generally made of cold rolled sheet, cold rolled sheet cheap, easy to shape, good color, etc so that customers generally accept.
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