The profession advantages of climbing frame mesh

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    Today I want to talk about only the profession advantages of climbing frame mesh. 
    The profession advantages of climbing frame mesh:can save 40%~60% of labor force,effectively solve problems that the shortage of construction personnel, construction labor costs are increasing.By floor highly customized scaffold boards operating layer, so that the operating surface and the floor to adapt the platform frame as the building operations to ensure the safety of staff.The altitude change assembly work on the ground, basically to avoid the risk of high-altitude operations.Power lifting device with electric hoist cyclical system,which don’t need handling by people.Lift intelligent load control system and remote control operation, more convenient, more reliable, and staff do not achieve control the shelves.Unique star wheel bearings attached to the wall fall protection, safe, all-weather anti-dropping.Platform body frame facade, flat sealed, effectively prevent the risk of falling objects. There is, can mesh surface is damaged, replacement of a single mesh, have reached waste-saving purposes, climbing frames can be installed multiple times, saving investment costs for builders, and products is a major construction company.
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 climbing frame meshclimbing frame mesh