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Perforated Custom Patterns
  • Round Hole

    Round Hole

    Round Holes are the most popular shape and give you the widest selection of diameters, gauges, materials and sheet size options.
  • Square Hole

    Square Hole

    Square Holes are available in a selection of staggered or straight row patterns in a wide variety of hole sizes, gauges, and materials.
  • Slotted Hole

    Slotted Hole

    Slotted hole perforated sheets with oblong holes are the ideal solution wherever filtering or the separation of liquids and solids is required.
  • Hexagonal Hole

    Hexagonal Hole

    Hexagonal Holes are designed and manufactured using high grade raw materials coupled with sophisticated technology.
  • Scale hole perforated

    Scale hole perforated

    Scale hole perforated can be used to benefit in many situations, e.g noise and weight reduction, air control, filtration etc.
  • Bridge hole Perforated Sheet

    Bridge hole Perforated Sheet

    Bridge hole perforated metal is a special perforation manufactured with exacting precision,often used for water drainage shafts and in chemical processing.