The perforated metal mesh factory teach how to avoid producing burr?

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Perforated metal mesh always create all kinds of the phenomenon of burr in the punching process,causing the unattractive perforated metal mesh,and will be easy to bring about scratched phenomenon.So how do you control mesh Burr happen? Here is the perforated metal mesh factory teach how to avoid producing burr?

Firstly, punching net in the punching process should determine what the momentum is vertical force, which can ensure punching a smooth, not the influence of punch, so it will not because of the friction generated burr phenomena.
Secondly,control the gap.It not only determine the appearance of the perforated metal mesh. If the gap is so close that punching net in undershoot will dent, which will also increase burr, so will control the gap.

 perforated metal meshperforated metal mesh  

Thirdly, to put the perforated metal mesh on the level of the designated support. The product can be ensured the smooth and beautiful, not because of the uneven formation of excessive burr phenomenon.

In the process of perforated metal mesh production should pay attention to the small details, so that can not only guarantee the product appearance, but also can prolong the service life of the punch.