How to choose the best perforated metal mesh?

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    Many people may be not exported to the production perforated metal mesh,because it seem to nothing for our life.However there are so many perforated metal mesh factories can see its demand.So,the buyers are so many. How to choose the best perforated metal mesh?
    Firstly,we should see what is the material when produce the perforated metal mesh.Different materials produce product efficacy certainly not the same, even a very big difference, so we must not ignore.
    Secondly,it is important to have the ability of technical personnel in the punching net factory,after all,if the people with the ability of technical produce the good,the quality will be guaranteed.Besides,the production of machine need thee best,in this case produced by punching network should not be bad.
     Of course,different perforated metal mesh factories finally are  different for the punch holes net surface care with spray and other methods,and this will affect the use of time whether will become new products. So these are not to be ignored.
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