How to maintain perforated metal mesh?

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     Now perforated metal mesh has penetrated all sectors, bringing great convenience to our life.Punching net just like a car needs maintenance, if we do not understand the perforated metal mesh without effective maintenance, it will greatly shorten its life.We need to form a good habit of maintenance,regular maintenance of the punching net.So,How to maintain perforated metal mesh?
     The most simple way that we can use warm water or weak detergent to clean.Regularly  get rid of dirt and use a cloth to dry. Before the purchase of perforated metal mesh also carefully see surface whether is defective.The qualified punching net surface gloss degree is very good, and the color is bright. If there is a bubble on the surface or obvious scratches, we do not buy. Must learn to buy high-quality punching net in order to avoid the use of quality problems. Now the punching net surface has a coating, and different coating has the corresponding provisions of the coating thickness, we should pay attention to this point in the purchase.
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