Perforated metal mesh filter

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    Today, I want to introduce what is a metal mesh filter.Filter mesh, for the former, it can filter some small things.Now I want to talk about why so many people choose the filter mesh.
Materials: Can be divided into ordinary carbon steel, stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum, titanium, nickel plate, and so on.
Applications:Used in filters, pharmaceutical, paper, filters, breeding, cell NET, packing NET, machinery and facilities protection, handcraft, high-end speaker nets, decoration, child seats, baskets, baskets and road protection. Car pedal NET, heavy machinery and boilers, oil mining, motorcycles, tons of ships and other work platforms, escalators, walkways. Can also be used for construction, roads, bridges and steel bars.
1、Multi-layers sand filter with a high sand performance, to better prevent formation sand, satisfy underground sand needs.
2、Filter holes evenly with high permeability and anti-blocking.
3、Large filter area, small flow resistance, and high oil yield
4、Multi-layer welded together can make the filter hole stability, resistance to deformation capacity of strong

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