Soundproof perforated metal mesh

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    Soundproof perforated metal mesh,as its name suggests,is used for deadened the noise from outside.So today we are talking about the characteristics of the product.
The characteristics of the soundproof perforated  metal mesh:
1、Large sound insulation:average sound insulation 36dB
2、High sound absorption coefficient:the average absorption coefficient of 0.83
3、Ultraviolet radiation resistance:Products with water resistance, heat resistance, UV-resistant, not due to changes in water temperature causes a decrease in performance or quality.The product adopts Aluminum Alloy coil, galvanized coil, glass wool, H steel column surface galvanized anti-corrosion for more than 15 years.
4、Attractive: Choose a variety of colors and shapes are combined with the surrounding environment, forming beautiful scenic routes.
5、Economics: Prefabricated construction, improve work efficiency, shorten the construction time can save construction costs and labor costs.
6、Conveniences:In parallel with other products installed, easy maintenance, easy to update.
7、Security: the sound absorption plate at both ends with the diameter of 6.2 wire rope fixed to prevent the secondary damage, causing human and property losses.
8、light: Sound-absorbing Board N series has characteristics of light weight, square mass of less than 25 kg can reduce the weight-bearing load of elevated light rail, road, reduce structural costs.
9、 Fire: The use of super fine glass wool, because of its high melting point, non combustible, fully meet the requirements of environmental protection and fire protection, fire rating up to A.
10、 waterproof, dust-proof:Venetian design fully into account when waterproof, dust-proof, and its angle is 45 °,which in dust or rain of sound absorption in the environment are not affected,and structure has been set up in dust and drainage measures to avoid internal water component.
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 Soundproof perforated metal meshSoundproof perforated metal mesh