Stainless steel perforated metal

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    Stainless steel perforated metal can be applied in many situations as it is characteristics, for instance, noise and weight reduction, air control, filtration, as a decorative finish or simply for anti-skid flooring.In addition,stainless steel perforations offer an aesthetic decorative privacy shield and increase protection against the sun, rain with oxidation resistance characteristics,which make it very smooth surface and very bright.
Stainless steel perforated metal is made of high quality stainless steel sheet after being perforated on the digital control perforated machines,which gives it a longer life.
Stainless steel perforated metals are used in many applications for example:
* For agriculture
* For the building industry
* For the recycling industry (sorting of bulk materials)
* Stainless steel perforated metals provide a large ventilation opening so that it can be effective protection for the machine parts inside.
     We can be provided other types of perforated metal mesh ,which just you are requirement.However, if we do not have tooling for the exact pattern you require, you can send us a picture of the model you need, we will produce according to your pictures for you.If you contact us,we will be very happy.


 stainless steel perforated metalstainless steel perforated metal