Our Products

  • Perforated Aluminum

    Perforated Aluminum

    Perforated aluminum are corrosive resistant and commonly used in interior and exterior design.
  • Perforated Carbon Steel

    Perforated Carbon Steel

    Perforated carbon steel in a variety of stock patterns and can custom punch patterns to your specification.Good quality and good service.
  • Perforated Galvanized Steel

    Perforated Galvanized Steel

    Perforated galvanised steel is sheet that has been punched with a series of holes to give you a nominated pattern.
  • Perforated Brass Sheet

    Perforated Brass Sheet

    We are a reputable Brass Sheets Manufacturer, offering a diverse range for various industries. Made available in standard assortments, the Brass Sheets can also be manufactured by as per clients’ requirements.
  • Decorative Perforated metal

    Decorative Perforated metal

    Ornamental & decorative perforated metal is ideally suited for a wide range of architectural design applications.Many of our customers use our decorative perforated metal to make cabinets, backgrounds, walls, baskets and furniture.
  • Perforated metal tube

    Perforated metal tube

    We manufacture standard & custom perforated metal tubes.Perforated metal tubes are available in diameter up to 6 in. & lengths up to 30 in.

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